Dev Kit CapaForce© Matrix


Les Dev Kits CapaForce© simples de Nanomade permettent aux clients de librement tester nos capteurs matrix dans leurs propres établissements et environnements. Les kits contiennent un capteur intégré de démonstration, ainsi que plusieurs capteurs indépendants afin de garantir au client la possibilité de tester librement.

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Capteurs CapaForce© Matrix de Nanomade

The Nanomade CapaForce© Matrix sensor is a sensor array offering the same MultiPoint functionality as a computer TrackPad. Implemented in its KIT version as a 3*2 sensor array, it combines in a single thin and flexible layer a capacitive matrix touch device and a matrix force sensing device. Each device can be activated (or deactivated) by software in real time, either individually or simultaneously.

Dev Kits CapaForce© Matrix

En combinant les dispositifs Touch et Force, CapaForce© Matrix allows, for example, the rejection of unintentional touch inputs, the recognition of gestures (e.g. left to right swipe) and allows the detection of multi-point support forces.

By using only the Force device, CapaForce© Matrix becomes a deformation sensor to detect, for example, shocks on an aircraft structure or on an electronic device.

Placed under any material (wood, plastic, leather,...) and implementable on any 3D shape, CapaForce© Matrix turns any object into a force-sensitive interface for tactile or deformation applications.  

The sensors supplied in the KIT can be used as is for evaluation purposes or bonded to an application material to become tactile or deformation sensitive.


Le Dev Kit CapaForce© Matrix Nanomade contient :

  • 4  capteurs CapaForce© Matrix : flexible and thin sensors, extremely sensitive to be used as is for evaluation purposes or to be stuck under an object to be functionalised. 
  • 1 integrated CapaForce© demonstration sensor : unitary sensor already integrated under a wooden trim panel for evaluation.
  • 1 CapaForce© Matrix integrated demonstration sensor : Matrix sensor already integrated under a wooden trim panel for evaluation.
  • 1 electronic acquisition card to process the signal from the sensor and measure the detection and force information to the remote PC application.
  • 1 micro-USB cable to connect the electronic acquisition card and the PC


Pour plus d’infos, voir la vidéo démonstration du kit Matrix en cliquant ici.

Voir aussi la vidéo démonstration du Sensor Use Case – Plane seat Armrest pour voir un prototype d’utilisation du capteur CapaForce© Matrix.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 10 × 17 × 4 cm