We are very proud and humbled to have been rewarded by Valeo for their Automated car Challenge.

This Challenge was about: The Automated Car Revolution.

“Which new technologies will be embedded in the automated and autonomous vehicle? Much progress is made in the area of sensors or AI but let’s not forget what’s happening inside the car. As we spend less and less time focusing on driving, will cars become an extension of our homes or offices? What kind of ‘on the go’ new services could be provided?” – Valeo. 

Nanomade answered this challenge by offering solutions that re-invent the in-car experience. Integrated inside the car seats, our sensing technology contributes to improve the occupants’ confort by tracking their vitals (heart and breath rates) in order to adapt the on-board ambiance. Moreover, with Nanomade, touch interactions are no longer limited to the small car display monitor. They happen on any surface (flat or curved) and on any material (plastic, glass, leather, metal) and can transform the dashboard into a touch and force sensitive trackpad.

We see this recognition as a reward for the success of our collaboration that started a year ago and brought our technology into Valeo’s BMW i3 demo-car (see pictures bellow). This demo car was presented at the CES 2018, at VivaTechnology 2018 and will also be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show 2018 in October.

Thank you again, Valeo!

Photos of the event: