The Pulse

The Pulse

Enhancing passengers' experience

Passenger well-being is essential to deliver a high-quality traveler experience in the aerospace and automotive industry. To help you reach this goal, we developed the Pulse, a precise heart monitoring system tailored to be unobtrusive and invisible.

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Imagine that each seat of your engine is able to perform a live-check-up on passengers’ status and wellness when they’re sitting.

Now, imagine that the result of these check-ups enables triggers on the surrounding environment to match the passenger’s status: the perfect recipe to create a safe and agreeable cocoon.

The pulse has an endless list of use cases aimed to assist you in creating a customer experience tailored to each passenger. For example, if they’re sleeping, the pulse would trigger the light around them to turn off, prompting an ideal environment tailored to them.

What the Pulse can do

Provide the passengers with details on their current fatigue and give them advice for better rest during the journey

Alert cabin crew members to tend to the most tired or stressed passengers

Adapt the passenger environment to what they are doing or how they are feeling

If they’re cold, dehydrated, or are experiencing sleep apnea, an alert will be sent to your monitoring entity, human or AI, so they could assist the passenger.

Sleeping status

Trigger lights to slowly turn off while the passenger starts sleeping

Cardiac data

Alert cabin crew if the cardiac rate is higher than a set threshold


The quality of their rest may be a tangible measurement of the in-flight satisfaction


Alert cabin crew if passenger experiences a level of stress


Send an alert if a passenger’s position is affecting their rest negatively

High technology at your fingertips

Nanomade’s ultra-thin, flexible, and highly sensible force sensors can detect the slightest motions of your body, including your heartbeats. Combined with ultra-thin and invisible capacitive electrodes, capturing the bio-electric signal of your heart, the sensing plate (0.5 mm thin!) can be placed under your sheets or behind the cover of a seat.

Thanks to its high versatility, Nanomade HMS’s sensing area can be placed everywhere as long as it is in contact with your back. Its simple design is ready for Plug’n’Play. A standalone controller linked to the sensing area makes stars a health check-up whenever it detects the presence of an individual. Its small size (7x7x3 cm) allows it to be stored easily behind the backrest of a seat.

Access and share your data

A Bluetooth connection allows the passenger to check their pulse and breathing data from their smartphone. Optional alarms can warn you and your close family of major cardiac or breathing diseases. To comply with GDPR and passengers’ right to privacy in planes, the cabin crew will only receive alerts notification instead of a full set of precise data.

Find out more

To know more about how Nanomade’s Pulse solution can bring disruptive features to your products and benefit your business, reach out to us.

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