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Access the touch experience from anywhere

For the past 15 years, the touch industry has been driven by smartphone manufacturers and their need for a responsive and intuitive human-machine interface, designed to only work on flat, glass-made displays. However, this conventional industry is struggling to keep up with the new demand for a universal, standardized solution. The coming to maturity of new plastic-based display technologies and standardization of touch experience by the smartphone industry created a demand in new markets (Automotive, Aerospace…).

Their different interaction opportunities require a versatile solution to offer a deliverer the same touch experience across verticals.

Make your material smart

Nanomade has developed a disruptive sensing technology that makes any surface (flat or curved, rigid or flexible, opaque or transparent) and any material (glass, metal, plastic, wood, leather, fabric, etc.) interactive. This patented technology relies on a proprietary transparent ink which turns the substrate on which it is printed into a multi-touch and multi-force sensitive surface.

Some unique characteristics

A tailored touch experience

Nanomade expands the touch experience beyond the conventional rigid, glass-based screen. Thanks to its multi-material compatibility, its inherent flexibility and its applicability to small and large surfaces, touch, and force interfaces can be brought anywhere on your product.

Lower cost, simpler design

Touch and force panels are typically implemented as two separate sensor layers integrated on top of each other, which increase their integration complexity and cost. Nanomade’s TSP combines, in a single sensor layer, capacitive feather-light touch sensitivity, and large-range force-sensing capability.

Wireless experience

The Capaforce sensors offer
a connected wireless experience.

Wherever you use a Nanomade
sensor, we can find an IoT solution.

The Capaforce sensors offer
a connected wireless experience. Wherever you use a Nanomade
sensor, we can find an IoT solution.

Nanomade is currently prototyping a demonstrator system running on the LoRaWAN protocol to send force intensity data to the Cloud when the sensor exceeds a certain threshold.They can be linked to the cloud and interact with any entity present in their ecosystem. In addition, their low power consumption allows them to be battery-powered, allowing for total mobility.

Find out more

To know more about how Nanomade’s Touch Sensor Panel solution can bring disruptive features to your products and benefit your business, reach out to us.

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