From February 27th to March 2nd 2017, the global mobile industry players gathered in Barcelona and showcased what will shape the industry for the upcoming years. Among them, Nanomade. Their goal? To simply showcase what they call “The Next Touch Revolution”.

After taking part to the Samsung IPC show in Korea, Nanomade attended for the first time to the largest mobile exhibition in the world.

The French company strives to bring the Sense of Touch everywhere and indeed, they literally can. Thanks to their patented technology, Nanomade can make any surface (rigid, curved, flexible) sensitive to touch, force, temperature and humidity. For 8 years, the company matured its technology to be a very disruptive interaction enabler while staying easily scalable, even for mass markets. By doing so, the company managed to deliver industrial solutions to various industries among which mobile devices, wearables, automotive, IoT and Smart Buildings.

Nanomade’s presence at the event marked the beginning of a new era for the company. With its solutions 12 months away from mass production deployment, the French startup is eager to deliver to the world “the Next Touch Revolution”.