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Nanomade specialises in delivering cutting-edge deformation sensors renowned for their unparalleled sensitivity, thinness, flexibility, and seamless integration into diverse applications.


Flexible flashlight


Automobile Dashboard


Smart Shelf


1 material + 1 sensor = 3 applications

Nanomade develops and manufactures highly sensitive, ultra-thin, flexible and customisable deformation sensors. Our revolutionary sensors are applied in three key areas, offering unprecedented potential in all industrial sectors, including the performance demanding automotive and aerospace industries.

Touch & Force

Transformation of any surface into an interactive interface by detecting both touch and force, revolutionising interaction with everyday objects.

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Pulse Monitoring

Detection of micro-deformations of the human body for real-time monitoring of vital signs, offering potential for remote medical monitoring and connected healthcare.

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Structure Monitoring

Deformations and impacts detection on various structures and materials, crucial for industries where reliability, accuracy, and safety are paramount.

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Help you carry out your project

Nanomade’s technology is conceived and designed for easy integration into any production process. Our team is there to support you in creating innovative usages.

1. Discovery

Plug’n’play demo kits to test the technology.

Explore our plug-and-play demo kits on your own! Designed for seamless testing of our innovative technology, the kits offer a hands-on experience to discover the Nanomade sensor’s capabilities.

2. PoC

Production of a PoC to validate the feasibility of the project.

We work together to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) to comprehensively validate the feasibility of your project, ensuring its potential for success.

3. Prod

Industrialisation of the sensors

We produce sensors with the same high quality standards as the automotive industry, whether through Nanomade’s internal production line or one of our industrial partners.

Applicable in all industries

Nanomade sensors are designed with adaptability in mind, making them suitable for a wide range of industries. Whether in automotive, healthcare, or beyond, our technology offers tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each sector, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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Consumer tech

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Compatible with all materials

Nanomade sensors are compatible with any and all materials, offering adaptability across various surfaces. Whether it’s metal, plastic, wood, or fabric, our technology seamlessly integrates to provide reliable and precise measurements in any material environment.




Carbon Fiber




Customer testimonials

The vision we shared when EyeLights was founded in 2016 is becoming a reality. Thanks to this partnership with Nanomade, we revolutionized the in-car experience and demonstrated our new vision of the cockpit of the future, defined by natural interactions, at the CES 2024.

Romain Duflot

CEO of Eyelights

In order to measure the pressure exerted by catheters, we were required to instrument artificial hearts. Nanomade designed custom sensor strips to cover the 3D surface, made possible by the flexibility and waterproof nature of the sensor itself.

Rémi Dubois, PhD

Co-head of the Connected Health Centre at IHU LIRYC
Heart rhythm disease Institute

Nanomade’s sensors have allowed us to enhance the ergonomics of our tools in ways that were previously unachievable, while still ensuring high accuracy in our force measurements.
Their adaptability and compact size make it possible for us to incorporate them into our product designs in ways that would have been unthinkable without them.

Maxime Térémetz

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer of Dextrain

It’s a pleasure to work with the Nanomade team. Responsiveness and professionalism are the hallmarks of all our dealings.

François BOLLIER

Product Innovation Leader at Novares

At JordiLight, we’ve always been at the forefront of incorporating innovative technologies into our products to enhance user experiences and functionalities. Partnering with Nanomade has been a transformative step in achieving this goal. Their touch sensor technology has allowed us to turn ordinary surfaces into dynamic, interactive zones, significantly enhancing our product’s intuitiveness and user engagement. We’re immensely grateful to Nanomade for their exceptional technology and support, which has enabled us to continue pioneering in our field and exceed our customers’ expectations. A big thank you to the entire Nanomade team for being such an incredible partner in our journey to illuminate the future of adventure and work.

Robert Y. Haddad

CEO & Founder of JordiLight

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How long does a PoC typically take to be completed?

A fully designed and functional PoC typically takes an average of 3 months to complete. Depending on the complexity, this time can be shorter or longer. 

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