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Sensing Technology

The smart ink

Our patented sensing technology relies on the printing of a transparent pressure-sensitive ink on conductive tracks of a flexible substrate (e.g.: PET/ITO, PI/Cu, etc.).

When a strain is applied on the sensor (touch, force, pressure, etc.), the conductivity of the ink locally changes in proportion with the strain level, which allows to determine the location and the intensity of the force applied.

Touch sensor: key features and benefits

IoT-ready sensing solution

Low cost / Cost effective sensing technology

High versatility (easily customizable tu specific use cases)

Capacitive and force sensing features in a single sensor

Multitouch and multipoint force sensing support

Multi-material compatibility (glass, plastics, metal, leather, etc.)

Flexibility and conformability

Ultra thinness < 200 microns

Low power consumption

Wireless power transfer support

Solution and Project Applications


Nanomade sensing technology can turn any display (rigid or flexible) into a multi-point 3D Touch interface. The sensors’ transparency and high sensitivity enable foreground or background integration.


A high-density matrix of nano pressure-sensors printed on a flexible substrate provides an artificial skin for robotic applications.


Thanks to its high sensitivity, a network of strain sensors applied to a plane or a building structure can be used to detect its deformations.


Nano strain gauges can be integrated into diagnosis tools such as pulse monitoring devices.


Thanks to its applicablity to flexible support, the technology can be integrated into textile components and be used as a wearable input controle system.


Our technology can be applied to many domains, just come with idea.

Taking your touch experience to a new level

Nanomade technology, based on patents and trade secrets, is the result of more than 10 years of intense research and development. The technology is now scalable and ready for industrial.

20+ patent titles
(Europe, North America, Asia)

Nanomade owns a growing patent portfolio with more than 20 titles, filed in Europe, in the US, in China, in Korea and in Japan.

Its patents protect both its core technology (manufacturing process) and some specific implementations (flexible touch and force sensors, miniature pressure sensor, etc.)

Trade secret
on ink formula

If part of Nanomade’s ink composition is patented, the critical elements of its formula and their implementation are protected by a trade secret.

Nanomade ink is composed of easily sourceable raw materials, which make its production quickly scalable.

100 000+
hours of R&D

Nanomade’s technology and products are the results of more than 100 000 hours of research and development, involving world-class engineers and PhDs in nanotechnology, micro-electronics and embedded systems.

Leveraging the studies of a leading French nanotechnology research lab, the company has designed and developed unique sensing solutions that can make all materials smart.


Nanomade Ink

Printable ink

Nanomade’s sensor technology relies on the unique properties of its ink which turns the material on which it is printed into a touch and force sensitive surface. This proprietary ink has been optimized for inkjet printing technologies but new ink formulae, compatible with other deposition methods (screen printing, rotogravure, etc.), will be available soon.

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Capaforce Matrix
Force and Capacitive Sensors

550,00 € HT

Nanomade CapaForce© Matrix sensor is a unique device combining in a single, thin, flexible layer, both capacitive and force-sensing technologies. This configuration allows multipoint touch and force sensing and can be adapted to larger surfaces with a higher number of sensors.

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Force and Capacitive Sensors

300,00 € HT

Nanomade CapaForce© sensor is a unique device combining in a single, thin, flexible layer, both capacitive and force-sensing technologies.

The state-of-the-art capacitive touch technology detects the proximity or the contact of a conductive object (finger, stylus, etc.) with the sensor.

The force sensing feature is brought by Nanomade’s proprietary ink, whose resistivity varies proportionally/exponentially with the pressure applied.

Sensor has just to be glued under the material, following the instructions described in the user manual, to turn itself into a touch and force sensitive interface.

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Custom solution design services

Our team of experts delivers custom ready-to-be-integrated solutions, ranging from sensor reference designs to integrated sensors with associated electronic conditioning and processing algorithms.

We support our customers throughout their product development cycle, from prototype stage to industrialization.


PoC, prototyping

Industrial transfer support

Clients say

Nanomade Lab

Our nanotechnologies turn all materials
into smart surface

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