Nanomade CapaForce© : Smart Wristband.

Placed under any material, Nanomade’s CapaForce© sensor turns any wristband into a force-sensitive touch interface.

In this prototype designed for watches and wristband,  a single NanomadeCapaForce© sensor can turn any non-connected wristband or watch into a Multi-point 3D touch smart interface while rejecting unintentional inputs. Integrated seemingly to the wristband of your choice,, the sensor’s connectivity is set up via the Nanomade app, thus creating your own smart surface.

Our Smart Wristband and interface allow you to perform interactions such as touch, swipe. You can :

  • interact with  your e-mail, messages, notification or any other type of communication
  • Perform a wide range of interaction,such as unlocking your device, swipe through different application and many more
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