Our vision

Since 1997, Touch technologies have become an integral part of our everyday’s life. Although the industry is introducing ’force sensing’ (a.k.a. ‘3D Touch’) as an upgrade of these technologies, the current offerings are still fairly limited in bringing in new use cases.

At Nanomade, we take the Touch Experience to a whole new level by making any surface (planar, curved, flexible) touch and force sensitive. Our flexible, highly-sensitive, transparent sensing technology offers a new user interface paradigm.

Management team

Nanomade management team is a rare combination of PhDs, Engineers, MBA and Entrepreneurs

Olivier de Trémaudan


Olivier holds a Master of Engineering in Microelectronics from ISEP (Paris). He started his career as a Research Engineer in Alcatel Bell Research Center. Olivier is a serial entrepreneur. He developed in 2003 his first company : the e-retailer VDD SAS. in 2015, Olivier sold a 50M€ revenue company based in Toulouse built from scratch. Since then, Olivier has invested in numerous companies (Digital companies, e-retailers, biotech, and foodtech) and is an active board member and strategic advisor.

Jean-Claude Rassou

VP Marketing & Sales

Jean-Claude holds a Master of Engineering from EFREI with a major in computer science and an Executive MBA from the ESSEC Business School. Jean-Claude is a strategy consultant, helping European companies to grow internationally in Asia. He is a visiting professor at the Toulouse Business School, delivering courses on strategy, international partnerships, and multicultural teams management. Jean-Claude was the former CEO of Motorola France. He managed more than 500 engineers in France, in India, and in the USA.

Dr. Nicolas Dufour


Nicolas received a Master in Microelectronics and embedded systems from the University of Toulouse (France) and a PhD from the LAAS-CNRS (France), in partnership with Renault SAS. He is in charge of the development and the validation of the analog and digital electronic systems interfacing Nanomade’s sensors. Nicolas also oversees the development of the algorithms and embedded software transforming the raw sensor output into usable data. He is responsible for all of Nanomade’s mobility projects (automotive, aeronautics).

Nicolas co-authored 5 international scientific papers and 2 international patents.

Dr. Fabrice Séverac


Fabrice received a master’s degree in physics of Semi-conductors and electronics components in 2003 from the University of Montpellier II (France). He then continued a PhD in nano-physics and microelectronics from the LAAS-CNRS laboratory (France). He also holds a Post-Doc certificate in nano-bio Physics from the Laboratoire d’Architecture et d’Analyse des Systèmes of the French Center National de la Recherche Scientifique (LAAS-CNRS) and the University of Texas Dallas.
His expertise encompasses physical chemistry of surfaces and nano-objects (ie :functionalization, assembly of nano-objects, stabilization and characterization of nano-powders), as well as micro-electronics and functional materials (nano-junctions, energetic materials).
Fabrice has authored 21 scientific papers in international reviews, co-authored 5 international patents and participated in 8 international conferences.

Faouzy Soilihi

Scientific Advisor

Faouzy holds a Master of Engineering from Supélec (leading French Engineering School) with a major in Signal Processing and Applied mathematics and an MBA from HEC Paris Business School. Before joining Nanomade Concept SAS in 2011 as Executive Director, Faouzy spent 9 years in the mobile division of Motorola as a software project manager, technical manager, and Engineering Manager. Faouzy joined Nanomade Concept SAS in 2011 as the Operational Director to develop the company’s consumer electronics sector and was president of Nanomade Concept SAS from 2015 to 2019.

Faouzy holds 4 international patents.

Dr. Estelle Mazaleyrat

R&D Engineer

Estelle received an engineering degree in physics and nanoscience from Phelma – Grenoble INP (France) and a PhD degree in nanophysics and surface science from CEA-Grenoble and Institut Néel-CNRS laboratories (France). She is in charge of the Nanomade’s sensors fabrication and integration processes.

Estelle co-authored 4 international scientific papers.

Adrien Thirion

Innovation in AI

Expert in the field of Embedded AI and graduate from INP Grenoble Engineering School, Adrien now starts his CIFRE/PhD thesis at Nanomade in partnership with LASS-CNRS. He will take over the development of Nanomade Smart shelf and Heart Monitoring System applications.
  • 2009 2014

    Stage 1

    Technology maturation
  • 2015 2019

    Stage 2

    Prototyping and
  • 2020

    Stage 3


Awards & recognition

Over the past 10 years, Nanomade has received numerous national and international praises and awards from prestigious organizations for its unique technology and its wide range of applications.

French Tech
Nanomade recognized as one of the most inovative French Tech startup by Forbes.
European Union
First “Seal of Excellence” awarded to Nanomade by a panel of independent experts from the European Union.
High Performance
Nanomade wins the First Prize of the Autonomous Vehicle Challenge sponsored by Valéo at the VivaTechnology Paris 2018 show.
Paris Motor Show
Nanomade wins the first prize in the Comfort and Wellness Chanllenge sponsored by Faurecia at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.
VINCI Airports
Nanomade wins first prize at the Innovation Challenge sponsored by VINCI Airports at the launch of the 2017 Web-Summit.
Grand Prix Automotive
A jury of experts from the automotive industry names Namomade in the TOP 3 of the Grand Prix Automotive 2018 startup organized by the Automotive Club de France.
Project (AAP H2020)
Third “Seal of Excellence” awarded for the quality of the Nanomade project (AAP H2020) by a panel of independent experts from the European Union.
Innovation and future
Nanomade wins the First Prize in the category “Innovation and Future” awarded by Midi-Pyrénées.
French Tech

Second “Seal of Excellence” awarded to Nanomade by a panel of independant experts from the European Union.

Contest Runner-Up

Nanomade wins TechTour National Team and Wins European Venture Contest Runner-Up.

CES Las Vegas
Nanomade selected by Business France among 26 startups to be part of the official French delegation at CES Las Vegas 2019.
Digital International
Nanomade wins the Public Prize at the 2017 Digital International Awards organized by Business France.


As Nanomade technology was discovered in Toulouse, all our company knowledge (doctors, engineers…) is located in Toulouse. We developed strong relationship with research, economic and universities local partners.

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