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Force & Touch Use cases

Explore a multitude of real-world applications and use-cases powered by Nanomade’s innovative sensor technology.

Flexible Flashlight

collaboration with Jordilight represents a pioneering effort to revolutionise the design and functionality of flexible flashlights.

Interactive Dashboard 

transform automotive dashboards into interactive surfaces, enhancing driver experience and safety by providing intuitive touchscreen controls for vehicle

Leather armrest

modernise the driving experience by simplifying access and control of the car’s multimedia dashboard via an innovative touch interface

Airplane armrest

simplify the passenger experience on long-haul flights by providing an intuitive and ergonomic interface for easy access to in-flight media and services

Smartwatch bracelet

push back the limits of smartwatches’ tactile interface by developing a touch-sensitive wristband, offering intuitive and efficient interaction

Test our technology with our Plug&Play development kits

Explore our plug-and-play demo kits on your own! Designed for seamless testing of our innovative technology, the kits offer a hands-on experience to discover the Nanomade sensor’s capabilities.

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