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The specialists in designing and manufacturing of ultra-sensitive sensors

Who is Nanomade ?

We have developed a patented technology based on an ink sensitive to deformation which transforms the substrate on which it is printed into a sensitive surface enabling touch&force, deformation and medical applications. Offering innovative sensing solutions for various sectors, Nanomade focuses on continuous innovation, precision and reliability.

Nanomade, established in 2019, is based in Toulouse, France. With 15 dedicated professionals (including 3PhD), we provide a wide range of expertise in software engineering, microelectronics and nanotechnologies. Nanomade was ranked 42nd in the Forbes ranking of France’s 100 most innovative start-ups. 

Nanomade sensors are highly sensitive, thin, flexible, transparent, customisable, and work on all materials and shapes. These cutting-edge sensors offer a wide range of applications across three key areas: Touch & Force, enabling any material or 3D shape to become interactive (leather, wood, metal, etc.); Health Monitoring, detecting micro-deformations in the body to collect physiological data (heartbeats, respiration, posture, etc.); and Structural Deformation Detection, identifying deformation or impact on various structures like metal or wood.

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