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Touch & Force

Transformation of any surface into an interactive interface by detecting both touch and force, revolutionising interaction with everyday objects.


By leveraging advanced nanotechnology, Nanomade sensors can detect both touch inputs and force variations, providing users with a dynamic and responsive interaction experience.

This technology extends beyond conventional boundaries, enabling traditional materials like wood and metal to go beyond their static nature and become interactive mediums. With applications spanning across diverse sectors, including electronics, home appliances, and industrial equipment, Nanomade aims to create a shift in human-machine interaction, ushering in a new era of intuitive and immersive experiences.

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Nanomade sensors can replace physical buttons and switches with touch-sensitive surfaces, enhancing the design while providing intuitive controls.

The sensors enable seamless integration into appliances, devices and surfaces, allowing touch-sensitive panels to control machinery, lighting, and manufacturing equipement. The Touch&Force sensing capabilities detect gestures like swipes and taps, providing innovative interaction methods for users.

By replacing physical buttons, adding touch-based interactions, and enhancing user interfaces with intuitive gesture controls, Nanomade sensors empower manufacturers to create innovative solutions that redefine how users interact with technology.

Force & Touch use-cases

Leather Armrest

Our aim was to modernise the driving experience by simplifying access and control of the car’s multimedia dashboard via …

Smartwatch bracelet

push back the limits of smartwatches’ tactile interface by developing a touch-sensitive wristband, offering intuitive and efficient …

Interactive dashboard

Our goal was to help transform automotive dashboards into interactive surfaces, enhancing driver experience and safety …

Airplane armrest

Our aim was to simplify the passenger experience on long-haul flights by providing an intuitive and ergonomic interface for …

Flexible flashlight

Nanomade’s collaboration with Jordilight represents a pioneering effort to revolutionise the design and functionality of flexible …

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