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Nanomade’s design office

We produce sensors with the same high quality standards as the automotive industry, whether through Nanomade’s internal production line or one of our industrial partners.

We’re experts in our fields 

The Nanomade  team consists of experts across diverse domains such as chemistry, materials physics, electronics, software development, and signal processing. Each member brings a unique skill set and perspective to the table, allowing us to tackle complex challenges with a comprehensive approach. 

Driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence, our team is dedicated to advancing the field of sensor technology. Through continuous research, development, and collaboration, we strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise and collaborative spirit, we aim to revolutionise industries and empower individuals with transformative sensor solutions that unlock new possibilities and drive positive change.

Go to Market

Nanomade’s technology is conceived and designed for easy integration into any production process. Our team is there to support you in creating innovative usages. 

1 | DISCOVERY – Plug’n’play demo kits to test the technology.

2 | PoC – Production of a PoC to validate the feasibility of the project.

Define the use and the required performance the product needs to be functionalised

Nanomade will design the sensor array and provide the electronics capable of optimising the necessary functionality (performance, production costs).

The Nanomade team will provide all technical support for sensor integration and glueing for manufacturing purposes

Final PoC provided is close to final product with a typical level of maturity of TRL6 (technology demonstration)

3 | PROD – Production of sensors (through Nanomade or industrial partner) with same high quality standards as the automotive industry.

Use cases

Artificial Heart

Nanomade has embarked on a mission to transform catheter testing taking place at the IHU facilities. With the help of artificial hearts…

Flexible Flashlight

Nanomade’s collaboration with Jordilight represents a pioneering effort to revolutionise the design and functionality of flexible flashlights…

Interactive Dashboard

Our goal was to help transform automotive dashboards into interactive surfaces, enhancing driver experience and safety by providing intuitive touchscreen controls …

Airplane armrest

Our aim was to simplify the passenger experience on long-haul flights by providing an intuitive and ergonomic interface for easy access to in-flight media and services.

Smartwatch bracelet

Our aim was to push back the limits of smartwatches’ tactile interface by developing a touch-sensitive wristband, offering intuitive and efficient interaction…


Nanomade set out to provide retailers with a real-time, centralised and efficient stock management solution…

Test our technology with our Plug&Play development kits

Explore our plug-and-play demo kits on your own! Designed for seamless testing of our innovative technology, the kits offer a hands-on experience to discover the Nanomade sensor’s capabilities.

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