Dev Kit Pulse


Nanomade Pulse Dev Kits offer a Plug & Play solution that enables clients to seamlessly test our physiological data sensors in their own facilities and environment. The Kits contain everything necessary to connect and manipulate the Pulse sensors within minutes.



The Pulse sensors are designed to accurately capture vital signs such as heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability (HRV), respiratory rate variability (HRV) and movement.

 Their compact and flexible design ensures effective testing and implementation of real-time physiological monitoring functionalities. Designed to detect minute deformations and physiological changes, the sensors, when embedded under materials such as memory foam, ensure precise and reliable data collection for various health applications.

The Pulse sensors in the dev kit are integrated into a foam seat topper, users can simply place the topper on any seat to turn it into a sophisticated health monitoring system. The dev kit system connects  to the HMI via bluetooth.

What the kit contains:

The Pulse Dev Kit contains:

  • 1 integrated Pulse sensor: Single sensor already embedded into seat topper pad for evaluation.
  • 1 acquisition card : Integrated with the sensor into the seat topper pad. Acquires the sensor signals and transmits data.
  • 1 processing board : Processes the signals and transmits data to HMI.
  • 1 micro-USB cable: Connects the electronic acquisition board to the PC.
  • 1 USB key: Contains Nanomade Studio visualisation software (Windows version), user manual, and sensor data sheet.