Capaforce© Light Hole sensors (2PCS)

Capaforce© LH sensors are accessories that can be added to Dev Kits Simples and Matrix to test more functions. Their central opening allows light to pass through (useful for buttons or pictograms).


Capaforce© LH sensors from Nanomade

Set of 2 CapaForce© LH single sensors compatible with CapaForce© simple and CapaForce© Matrix development kits. Light Hole (LH) sensors have a central opening allowing light to pass through (useful for buttons or pictograms).
The LH sensor is a patented technology that provides the same level of sensitivity around the aperture regardless of where it is pressed.)

Placed under any material (wood, plastic, leather, etc.) and implementable on any 3D shape, CapaForce© transforms any object into a force-sensitive interface for tactile or deformation applications.

This kit contains :

  • 2 CapaForce© LH sensors: extremely sensitive, thin, flexible sensors, to be used as is for evaluation purposes, or to be glued under an object to be functionalized.

For more info, watch the demo video on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

Watch the video
demonstration of the Sensor Use Case – Plane seat Armrest
to see a prototype using our sensors.


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