Touch&Force Single Sensors

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Touch&Force sensors are accessories that can be added to  Touch & Force Dev Kits to test a variety of different  functions. Touch & Force Single sensors are the most basic and effective way to test the Touch and Force functionalities.

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Individual sensors serve as ideal tools to explore fundamental touch and force capabilities, offering a compact design that makes them most effective for testing and implementing basic button and force measurement functionalities.

Placed under any material (wood, plastic, leather, etc.) and implementable on any 3D shape, Touch & Force transforms any object into a force-sensitive interface for tactile or deformation applications.

The sensors combine  a capacitive touch device and a force sensing device within  the same thin, flexible layer. By combining the two, Touch & Force can, for example, reject unintentional tactile input. It can also be used to adjust the force required to activate an application. 

This pack contains:

Touch&Force single sensors: extremely sensitive, thin, flexible sensors, to be used as is for evaluation purposes, or to be glued under an object to be functionalised.

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