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Artificial Heart


Through a collaboration with IHU Lyric, Nanomade has embarked on a mission to transform catheter testing taking place at the IHU facilities. With the help of artificial hearts, we enable the precise measurement and analysis of pressure dynamics during medical procedures. This strategic integration enhances the sensitivity, precision, and efficiency of catheters manufactured by IHU LIRYC.


The Nanomade sensors seamlessly integrated into artificial hearts are strategically positioned to capture and analyse pressure dynamics during medical procedures with unparalleled precision. Through rigorous testing and calibration, we’ve ensured that the sensors accurately detect even the slightest variations in pressure, providing invaluable insights into catheter performance. This integration not only enhances the sensitivity and efficiency of catheters manufactured by IHU LIRYC but also streamlines the testing process, ultimately advancing medical innovation and patient care.

The Nanomade Solution

Nanomade is dedicated to cultivating impactful partnerships that drive innovation and elevate healthcare delivery. This collaboration underscores Nanomade’s commitment to pioneering solutions that enhance healthcare outcomes. The intrinsic flexibility of Nanomade sensors and its compatibility with various materials make this technology a versatile solution. By supplying IHU LIRYC with state-of-the-art sensor technology, we’re facilitating the development of more effective medical procedures and improved patient care. 


IHU Lyric

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Artificial Heart

Nanomade has embarked on a mission to transform catheter testing taking place at the IHU facilities. With the help of artificial hearts…

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