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Leather armrest


Our aim was to modernise the driving experience by simplifying access and control of the car’s multimedia dashboard via an innovative touch interface integrated into the leather armrest. We set out to eliminate traditional control features such as buttons, switches and mechanical controls.


Our revolutionary solution consists of an intelligent touch armrest, seamlessly integrated into the car’s interior, providing an intuitive interface to control the multimedia dashboard. Featuring touch technology, the armrest integrates seamlessly with different materials using 3D cut-outs, providing a seamless user experience and complying with the automotive industry standards. The elimination of traditional mechanical components helps to reduce production costs and improve part reliability. Our touch-sensitive armrest can :

  • Interact with the multimedia dashboard;
  • Control lighting settings;
  • Make calls with ease.

The Nanomade solution

Our intelligent tactile armrest is equipped with the Touch&Force sensor, an advanced technology based on an exclusive ink. This sensor transforms the surface of the armrest into an interactive tactile interface, capable of detecting gestures and pressure for precise and intuitive interaction. Thanks to the flexibility and versatility of the Touch&Force sensor, it can be integrated into a variety of surfaces, both large and small, providing state-of-the-art touch interface solutions for the automotive industry.

We are proud to present this innovation which reinvents the interaction between driver and dashboard, offering a modern and intuitive driving experience.



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