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Our vision was to develop a non-intrusive medical monitoring system suitable for nursing home residents, with the specific aim of:

Creating an automated monitoring system for patients, whether on site or at home, enabling the detection of stress, fatigue, respiratory problems, tachycardia, and other health indications ;

Freeing nursing staff from certain routine tasks, enabling them to concentrate on patients requiring assistance, particularly during the night.


Our sensors, seamlessly integrated into mattresses under 10cm of memory foam, enable non-intrusive assessment of patients’ stress, fatigue and sleep levels. Using ballistocardiography (BCG), these sensors measure heart rate, respiratory rate, motion density and other vital indicators. BCG is a technique for accurately measuring body movements, including the deformation of arteries in response to heartbeats. This data, collected by our ultra-thin and sensitive sensors, is analysed by our artificial intelligence technology to anticipate and report any abnormal situation to the medical team.

The Nanomade solution

Nanomade designs innovative sensors to meet the growing need for health monitoring in various fields such as medicine, connected health and wearable medical devices. Our sensors offer a precise, non-intrusive solution for monitoring individuals’ vital signs in real time, contributing to better health management. We aim to provide reliable and effective tools capable of enhancing medical surveillance, facilitating the monitoring of physiological performance and promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


General public, Hospitals and nursing homes

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Use cases

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