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Our aim was to design a non-intrusive medical monitoring technology to improve healthcare. We aim to provide accurate information for effective medical diagnosis and monitoring, with a particular focus on real-time monitoring of vital signs and physiology.


Nanomade’s Pulse technology is based on ultra-thin and flexible sensors, offering accurate, real-time detection of vital signs such as heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability (HRV), and even detection of fine movements. Our innovative system provides accurate, non-intrusive vital signs data, enabling continuous and reliable monitoring for medical and health monitoring applications.

The Nanomade solution

Our ultra-thin, highly sensitive force sensors, used in Pulse technology, are designed to accurately capture the subtle movements and variations of the human body. By integrating these sensors into various devices, we enable precise and continuous monitoring of vital signs. The flexibility and high sensitivity of our sensors ensure that accurate medical data can be collected without the need for intrusive patient interaction.

Nanomade’s innovation with Pulse technology opens up new perspectives for accurate, comfortable and continuous medical monitoring, redefining standards in healthcare.


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Use cases

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Airplane armrest

Our aim was to simplify the passenger experience on long-haul flights by providing an intuitive and ergonomic interface for easy access to in-flight media and services.

Smartwatch bracelet

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